Cameroon: Journalist Produces Documentary On Marie Lumiere


Michelle Laure Pela, a journalist, has produced a 1 hour 2minute documentary titled: "Marie Prophetess de Lumiere."

The documentary, which was presented to the press at the Goethe Institute in Yaoundé on March 17, dwells on the life of Marie Rosine the successor of Pere Soffo, the legendary prophet of the Carriere neighbourhood in Yaoundé.

She investigates into the subject by tracing the life of the prophetess through testimonies from formers family, her mother in Banjoun, her children and journalists, amongst others.

She justifies her interest in Marie Lumiere by the fact the Bureau Lumiere, having attracted researchers and journalist, no one thought Marie Lumirere would succeed Pere Soffo given that she was more in the background. She identified the problems between the two prophetesses Maala and Marie Rosine and how the Catholic Church intervened to send away Maala.

Though an encouraging move, she was criticised for allowing too much time for testimonies and that some pictures appeared more than once. She was advised to include the views of sociologist and theologians given the context of the documentary.

On her part, Laure Pela argued that theologians were not available to comment, evoking the mute position of the church on certain topics.She hopes to produce part two with more inside on the prophetess and certain contradictions around her and attempt to prove practically the miracles the people claim the prophetess has performed.

(The Post (Buea), 24 March 2008)