Nigeria: Green World Accuses AIT of Rights' Infringement


As Nigeria continues to celebrate the U-23 Olympic ticket, a battle of authority is about to be witnessed by Nigerians over the rightful owner of the broadcast rights of the match between Samson Siasia's team and the Amaglu-glu of South Africa.

The Nigeria Football Association (NFA) had called a world press conference to announce Green World Communications Ltd as the official exclusive broadcast rights owner of the match. But the Chief Executive Officer of Green World Ltd, Greg Anobili last week cried foul that some organisations infringed on his exclusive rights without due process. Anobili pointed accusing fingers at the African Independent Television (AIT) for broadcasting the Nigeria/South Africa match without permission thereby infringing on his exclusive rights.

"They marketed the match, had sponsors and made money from it to the detriment of our company," Anobili fumed as he called on AIT to seek the way of peace before he heads to the law courts. "We all bidded for the match but Green World came out tops and the NFA gave me exclusive rights for the match. What that means is that other companies should go through me if they want to air the match. "AIT approached me but their asking price was not okay but instead they threatened me that they would show the match. And, indeed, they went ahead to broadcast the match after making so much money from so many clients without due permission from Green World.

"We are only asking them to come and settle with us amicably before we move ahead to seek redress at the Law Courts which has proved to be the last hope of the common man. We know that AIT is going public and we want them to prove their integrity by settling with us. We do not want to be forced to report them to the Security Exchange Commission (SEC) and embarrass them. We want peace and they should come and settle with us," Anobili emphasised.

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