Kenya: 10.7 Million Homes Own TV Or Radio


At least 10.7 million Kenyan homes have access to either a radio or television set. According to a research whose findings were released Tuesday, 7.5 million homes possess radios while 3.2 million others have television sets. The research by the Steadman Group, showed that of the homes with radios, 5.6 million are in the rural areas while 1.9 million in towns.

On the other hand, 1.8 million television set owners are in the rural areas while 1.4 million live in the urban centres. These are the homes targeted by 14 television and 63 radio stations as clients and advertisers. It also emerged Tuesday that as the media outlets have been on the rise, so has been the advertising budgets. The research established that advertising expenditure to television, radio, print and cinema has been on a steady rise since 2003 when it stood at Sh6.6 billion to last year's 17.4 billion.

"In 2004 the expenditure was Sh8.4 billion which grew to Sh 9.3 billion the following year. It was in 2006 when it was to hit a double digit of Sh13.6 billion from where it has been growing," said George Lutta, Media Initiative managing director.

And of the households who own television sets, 51 per cent have coloured ones, 43 per cent black and white while six per cent own both types.

Steadman Group managing director George Waititu who released the results, said out of a base of 8.4 million households, 71 per cent have at least one radio while 13 per cent own two. On the other hand, four per cent have three radios and one per cent four sets. Eleven per cent of the population has no radio set.

But despite this, 16.7 million Kenyans listen to radio. But the figures vary from urban to rural settings. Interestingly the rural populace, by virtue of the number constitutes a bigger constituency of radio listeners (12.4 million) while only 4.4 million in towns.

(The Nation (Nairobi), 19 March 2008)