Uganda: Kina Uganda TV Series Set for June


People have been wondering whether a long-running television drama like That's Life Mwattu could ever grace our screens and have people glued onto it. The problem is attributed to lack of local productions and talent in our otherwise fast growing television industry.

After the end of Kwezi Kaganda's Hand in Hand, no other local series has caught the attention of Ugandan viewers hence providing a freeway for foreign series like Lost, Prison Break and Desperate House Wives to be the talk of the town. That however, is set to change with Moment of Confusion (Akavuyo mu Bulamu), a Ugandan TV series that hits the screens in June. Produced by Multi-films International, the series features Isaac Mutumba, Princicia Madikizella, and Tinah Kemirembe among others.

The story is built around the theme of single mothers who don't introduce their children to their fathers, for one reason or another. Mutumba, who is also the executive producer of the series, says when the first season of Moment of Confusion hits the screens in June, Ugandans might face a dilemma in choosing between the local series and the foreign ones. He says he is certain that the TV series is bound "to sweep the local audience off their feet."

The Monitor 11th April 2008