South Africa: Multichoice is planning another DSTV channel shuffle in May.


Following the implementation of the Channel Shuffle 6 months ago, MultiChoice says it has taken note of feedback from customers and “has made further improvements to its DStv’s channel numbering and grouping.”

The latest changes will be implemented on 1 May 2008 and include the ‘refinement of Movies, General Entertainment as well as the News and Commerce genres’. All other genres will remain in their current position.

Movies and General Entertainment will be merged into one category with the channel numbers still starting at 100. M-Net stays in the same position at 101 but will now be followed by MM1, MM2 and M-Net Stars appearing in the channel numbers 103, 104 and 105 respectively

According to Multichoice one of the recommendations from their subscribers was to number their key genres in a manner that is easier to remember, “such as in multiples of 100 eg: Movies and General Entertainment: 100’s, Sport : 200’s, Kids : 300’s and News :400’s.”

As a result, News and Commerce channels will be moved from 280 to 400. This means that BBC World will be changed to 400, CNN 401, Sky News 402 and so forth. Multichoice believes that these changes will provide our subscribers with enhanced navigation and seamless channel surfing, which will have a positive impact on the overall viewing experience.

More information on the changes will appear in the May issue of Dish magazine and can also be found on the website at Multichoice further advises DStv viewers who experiences problems to reboot/rescan their decoders.