Nigeria: HiTV Set to Treat Nigerians to its own local TV Reality Show from Dudu Productions


HiTV, Africa's leading pay TV brand, has finalised plans to treat Nigerians to the finest in TV reality with the debut of its 'Nigeria' TV reality series very soon. Local newspaper Leadership said in its report that it is produced by Dudu Productions and others with expertise in television reality show productions.

Toyin Subair, the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of HiTV said: "Nigeria is a project borne out of the realisation of the need for national integration, co-existence and mutual respect amongst the different ethnic groups that make up the country. It can be safely adduced that majority of the problems that bedevil our country can be hinged on- a lack of patriotic, responsible, productive and prejudiced Nigerians, mistrust and misunderstanding of whom we really are as a people."

The concept of the TV reality show is one that preaches national integration, through the discovery of the real Nigerian, with three contestants from each of the six geo- political zones. The zones are -Ibadan, Port Harcourt, Abuja, Bauchi, kaduna and Enugu, making 18 contestants, with the final screening taking place in Lagos. They will all be living together in a house for a period of eight weeks and addressing themselves as neighbours.

Part of what makes the 'Nigeria' TV reality show refreshingly different is a skilful re-enactment of the god/supernatural-man relationship in the house, represented in the form of the "Governing Voice" that comments on the individual housemates. The objective of the reality show is to portray the evolution of a patriotic, responsive, productive and unprejudiced Nigerian. In the light of this, there are to be included in the list- symbolic games, chores and roles to be performed by the neighbours, as a demonstration of their understanding of the culture, commerce, folklore and peculiar problems that bedevil Nigeria.

The 'neighbours' fate are ultimately in the hands of the viewers who are the ultimate deciders that can either allow a housemate stay on longer or leave the house, through the use of an age-long democratic tradition- the vote, cast in the form of SMS messages. In order to be eligible to participate, a prospective participant must scale the following hurdles: be a Nigerian within the age range of 21-30, must have OND education, be intelligent, be an indigene of the zone, speak at least one Nigerian language fluently, must be willing to learn and integrate other cultures and languages and must be rich in the socio-cultural ethos of the tribe claimed.

The 'Nigeria' television reality show is coming at a point in the history of the nation when the country is struggling with problems of religion, tribal, cultural alienation, unrest fuelled by suspicion, dearth of infrastructure and role models the youths of the country can readily identify with and most importantly, attitudinal change.

Leadership (Abuja) 7 May 2008