New web site Pitchit aims to connect aspiring filmmakers with local and international producers


Ants Multimedia has launched, a unique online platform for African filmmakers and scriptwriters to pitch their concepts to an array of local and international producers, broadcasters, agents as well as managers.

According to uZanenkosi, creator and managing director of Ants Multimedia, “Pitchit is about creating a rare platform for talented individuals in Africa to showcase their concepts and make them a reality. Historically, successful individuals have had to relocate to the US for a realistic chance of making it – through Pitchit, we short-circuit this process by conveniently bringing the players into the same terrain.”

uZanenkosi says that this concept was inspired by a comment made by an American Studio Executive to Urban Brew founder Danie Ferreira. The comment was: “No one in showbiz lives in Africa” and uZanenkosi aims to change that using Pitchit. The online platform has approached a range of broadcasters, managers, producers and agents around the world to direct to what soon will be the one address for Africa’s best Movie and TV concepts.

“Hollywood and the rest of the world have always been interested in African stories and ideas without knowing where to go. Many have hired their own writers to tell some of these stories all the while an African writer or producer struggling to find a buyer for a similar story. Through this will soon be a thing of the past. Those with ambitions of taking on the world of showbiz will have fewer obstacles when seeking to pitch their flawless concepts,” explains uZanenkosi. is a custom designed online service for African Filmmakers looking to pitch their TV and movie concept or ready made content within and beyond the borders of their respective countries. To achieve this, Pitchit says it is actively marketed to producers, broadcasters, managers and agents looking for African film or TV concepts or content around the world. The site offers African filmmakers both ‘written’ and “live’ pitch postings.

Pitchit will soon offer additional resources such as newsletters, interviews, workshops and a forum within the site to further assist African filmmakers with their pitches.