Tanzania: Mukidoma TV Likely to Surf Local Airwaves


The Mukidoma chain of schools intends to establish what is likely to be the first television station in Arusha region. The Executive Director of Mukidoma establishment, Dr. Musa Masanja revealed this during an exclusive interview with The Arusha Times. Mukidoma which operates a number of education institutions in Arusha, including the Mukidoma Kindergaten, Mukidoma (English Medium) Primary School and Mukidoma Secondary (with High School), will set up the TV station under its soon to be introduced 'Journalism training department' of the proposed Mukidoma University; Arusha Campus.

The TV station, if established will likely to be more education oriented and act as training center for the campus based media students or other scholars on exchange programs.

That is in case somebody else doesn't beat them to the project. There have been rumors that the Milan Cable TV venture was also planning to set up a free-to-air Television station within the Municipality, in the near future.

The Arusha Municipal Council also had plans to establish a Television Station here but according to the Municipal Director, Dr. Job Laizer, the project together with that of setting up a Radio Station had to be shelved so that the funds could be channeled towards building up more secondary schools in the vicinity.

When it comes to over-the-air Television receptions, Arusha still depends on commercial stations based elsewhere in Tanzania. These include the four Dar-es-salaam based TV stations; the state owned, Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation's TBC-1, The IPP Media's Independent Television station (ITV), the Tanzania Entertainment Channel (Channel Ten) and the Agape (Non-commercial Christian Network). The other station is the Mwanza based Star TV.

Tanga is the only Northern Zone's region with its own local Television Station. The Tanga-TV operated by the Tanga Municipal Council. Outside Dar-es-salaam it is only Mwanza City (Star TV) and Morogoro Municipality (Aboud Television) that have locally based TV stations. These are both commercial and privately owned.

Arusha Times (Arusha)3 May 2008