New IP-TV operator invests in Triple Play offer in Cape Verde


With backing from a European investor, a new company Cabo Com is to launch another IP-TV service for Cape Verde as part of a new Triple Play service that includes Internet and newly legalised VoIP voice services. Its equipment recently arrived in Cape Verde and once installed it will launch shortly.

It will compete with the Portugal Telecom-owned incumbent’s CV Multimedia which at the end of 2007 had 1,500 subscribers. Disappointed at the slow progress of sales, the company is now trying to get subscriber numbers up by reducing the cost of the broadband connection. Chinese-owned DVB-T operator CVXTV has only got around 500 subscribers.

But price alone is not the only problem as there is strong competition in terms of content from Portugal’s TV Cabo. It’s possible to subscribe direct to Lisbon and receive its channels by satellite. TV Cabo has content exclusivities on the best Portuguese TV content on long-term contracts. In addition, DStv has, according to local sources, got a similar lock on some of the most interesting English-language content.