Botswana: Crime Dramas Break Into GTV programming


GTV is unleashing two new US award-winning crime drama series on its flagship channel, G Prime this month: Prison Break, an action thriller following a young engineer as he ingeniously attempts to rescue his innocent brother from prison, and Psych, a quick witted comedy about a young police 'psychic'. The two shows represent the best of light and dark criminal drama.

Mike Essig, General Manager comments: "GTV is all about bringing the best entertainment from all genres straight to your living room. These two new shows hit the spot when it comes to first rate crime thrillers and will delight our viewers."

In Prison Break, Lincoln Burrows is wrongly accused of murdering the US Vice President's brother and is sent to the Fox River State Penitentiary to await execution. Lincoln's brother, brilliant structural engineer, Michael Scofield, is convinced of Lincoln's innocence and commits a robbery in order to be incarcerated at Fox River himself, so he can break his brother out.

On the outside, the brothers are aided by lifelong friend, Veronica Donovan, who begins to investigate the conspiracy around the death of the Vice President's brother. But this puts all of them in grave danger as covert agents desperate to keep the conspiracy a secret, start working against them. Michael must battle against the odds to make the right connections and keep all of them alive.

Meanwhile, in Psych, James Roday plays Shawn, a smart but hapless guy who develops uncanny powers of observation thanks to his police officer father, Henry. However, following a family rift, Shawn rejects the police force but continues to use his amazing skills to tip them off. Unfortunately, his skills are so impressive that the police initially, suspect him of being involved, so to avoid prosecution Shawn convinces them that he is a 'psychic' - a lie that he must maintain to stay out of prison. Supported by his close but reluctant friend, Gus, played by Dule Hill (West Wing), Shawn must solve the trickiest of crimes, dodging not only dangerous criminals but also a very suspicious police chief.

Mmegi/The Reporter (Gaborone) 10 July 2008