Refinery Group embrace launch of HD channels

Technology & Convergence

With the imminent launch of DSTV’s HD channel offering (scheduled for August 2008), Refinery Group have positioned themselves as the preferred solution for HD conversions.
“We fully embrace the move to better quality picture and sound that comes with HD,” comments Dave Keet, MD. “We encourage all production teams to move towards ensuring their material is ready for the future crossover to HD by the broadcasters”.

Whether shooting on film (35mm, 16mm) HD or Red-1, both the Refinery and V-Lab have the post production facilities and expertise to convert to HD ready formats at a reasonable cost addition.

Going forward, all new ads should be completed at HD resolution. V-Lab and Refinery have the necessary work-flows and gear for the job, including Lustre technology for grading requirements. Dave adds, “To put the process in a nutshell: all current standard definition adverts – PAL or NTSC - can be up-res’d, re-racked and hi-res titles added where required. Client has the choice to either leave their sound in stereo, or we can do a Dolby E encoding of the sound. We will then supply a master HD tape or file for telestream to the broadcaster”.

“The biggest issue in this process is that the ratios of the SD (standard definition) and HD (high-definition are different. Current television is 1.33 and HD is 1.78. This is a similar process/work-flow as cinema (film and digital projection) has been following. We have the expertise and technical knowledge, along with years of experience from having done cinema advertising and are confident in assuming the responsibilities of HD conversions for our clients,” concludes Keet.

For new commercials, clients should start mastering to HD (D5 or HD cam), allowing for future proofing for SD (Standard def- Pal and NTSC) as well as cinema and HD TV. In order to demonstrate the differences between the HD and SD up-res images, we are available to conduct demonstrations, work-flow discussions with clients, as well as discuss the budgetary implications of the process.

Producers at the facilities who can take you through the process include : Odette and Ancilla at V-lab (011) 293-3000 and Lisa and Stuart at Refinery (011) 706-0500

Rate card :
Each job will be quoted on an individual basis but in the following combinations:
Extract 1.78 picture out of 1.33 image, up-res to HD with stereo sound. Deliver to broadcaster.
Re-rack image off SD to HD with stereo sound. Deliver to broadcaster
Re-rack Image off SD to HD add hi-res titles with stereo sound. Deliver to broadcaster
Re-rack image off SD to HD with Dolby E sound. Deliver to broadcaster
Re-rack Image off SD to HD add hi-res titles with Dolby E sound. Deliver to broadcaster.