Angola: National Radio Engaged in Technological Modernisation for Countrywide Coverage

Technology & Convergence

The National Radio of Angola (RNA) has undertaken a plan for technical and technological modernisation aiming at providing radio coverage throughout the national territory. Speaking to Angop in Luanda, in the ambit of the RNA's Day being celebrated this Sunday, the director general of this public service institution, Eduardo Magalhães said that for this work, technical means of the latest generation were acquired and installed, such as studios, reporting and studio cars, vehicles for satellite reporting, reporting work motorbikes, satellite communication system, among other means.

The official said that the programme also comprises the acquisition of technical centres for programmes, studios and internet servers, broadcasters, generators and regarding to the civil construction in the advanced phase, the construction and rehabilitation of infrastructures countrywide.

According to the source, RNA is committed to the modernisation as it will allow its permanent growth and therefore it is the fulfilment of the central government strategy led by the Angolan head of State, José Eduardo dos Santos for the media sector under the coordination of the Mass Media ministry.

"Nowadays the modern infrastructures allow the generalised use of new technologies and the extension of the signal with quality throughout the country". The official also said that the compatible organisational systems with new models of management justify this exponential growth of the National Radio of Angola, which was estimated at 80 per cent in last years.

"RNA has been working for a long time with an analogical system, aspects which we feel proud of because it contributed to RNA development, but this analogical system does not correspond to the efficiency and effectiveness with dynamic of the radio journalism of nowadays ", he said.

According to the director general of the National Radio of Angola, "there is a project underway in which the technical component has deserved a great intention". "We are modernising our equipment by changing the analogical system to a digital one, and 95 percent of our provincial broadcasters are computerised".

"This technical and technological modernisation is being followed up by the respective training of staff so as to provide them with knowledge to work with equipment of the last generation ", he stressed.

The National Radio of Angola that celebrates this Sunday 33 years of existence has about 3,200 employees who are distributed in 101 working centres throughout the country, which comprises 30 provincial radio broadcasting stations, three regional radios, 13 centres for radio production and the others are broadcasting posts and relay stations.

Angola Press Agency (Luanda) 6 October 2008