Seven Sins Broadcasting Rights for Mozambique


The telenovela Seven Sins. launched this year by the Brazilian distributor, Globo TV International, has been sold to 13 countries, including Mozambique, and is still being negotiated in other markets. Channels in Mozambique, Argentina and Ecuador, among others, have secured the purchase rights to broadcast the show.

Telenovela Seven Sins is a romantic comedy by the same author of Pepper Chocolate and Soul Mate, Walcyr Carrasco, and shows that good and evil are not too far from each other as one might think.

For the purpose of promoting the arrival of the telenovela in Uruguay, channel Teledoce, invited actress Giovanna Antonelli, who is well-known in the country for her roles in the internationally successful productions The Clone and Shades of Sin, to participate in the launch party of the channel’s programming. In addition to Giovanna Antonelli, Seven Sins includes in its cast well-known actors such as Reynaldo Gianecchini (Shades of Sin) and Priscila Fantin (Soul Mate).