Uganda gets Own 'Big Brother' lookey-likey as Muvabulaya airs on WBS


Reality TV is becoming more than a mere fad, especially as free-to-air stations jump onto the bandwagon. The latest of these shows is Muvabulaya that will soon start airing on WBS TV. But this Muvabulaya show is a completely Uganda affair under the wings of the Cultural Educational Organisation. 10 Ugandan housemates, aged between 18 and 40, will compete for the top prize yet to be announced. "It is a culture based show. Participants will be locked up in a house," says Hanifah Hernandez, the project manager.

It will be an exhibition of Uganda's diverse culture since the 10 participants have been selected from different regions of the country. The last participant will leave "confinement" after 30 days. To spice up the show, UK based commercial modal Campbell Mirembe, will host the show.

Mirembe, born to an Australian father and Ugandan mother, is returning to Uganda for the second time this year. "I do not expect a cultural shock because I have done my research," she says of her expectations.

At the age of 20, Mirembe left Australia to find her relatives. She got to Uganda earlier in the year, meeting her people in Mukono where she was introduced to her grandparents. The show was launched over the weekend at Hotel Africana.

New Vision (Kampala) 20 August 2008