Angola launches INFRASAT to provide DTH coverage across the country


The Angolan Government has launched INFRASAT, a multi-sectoral satellite communications support project that will connect the entire country, even the remotest areas. In terms of broadcast, it will allow viewers across the country to receive DTH signals thus enlarging the potential audience for Pay TV subscribers.

The project is the brainchild of the Inter-ministerial Commission for the Overall Coordination of the Multi-Sectoral Telecommunications via Satellite Support Project. It will offer new television and radio channels to parts of the country currently unable to receive terrestrial signals.

Among its various services there will be bouquets with multiple national and international channels, offering a greater variety of channels in Portuguese and serving to promote local audio-visual production. There have been long-standing rumours that there will be new Free-To-Air and Pay-TV entrants in the Angolan market but none have yet materialised.

Sources: Angop