Nigeria to switch to digital broadcasting by 2012

Technology & Convergence

Nigeria is getting ready to switch from analogue to digital broadcasting platform. The National Broadcasting Corporation of Nigeria is in the process of complying with an order from regulators to switch by 2012.

The Director General of the Corporation, Yormi Bolarinwa, said although the company is facing enormous challenges to transmit signals on a digital platform, it can meet the deadline.

Bolarinwa said the mandatory condition given to owners of broadcast organizations is that their licenses would not be renewed if they do not make an attempt to switch. The process, he said, would be a gradual one to allow them sufficient time to achieve the new demand.

He was speaking ahead of the forthcoming Africa Communication Association [AFRICAS] Conference on 24th October 2008. It is themed: “Digitization and the challenges in Africa.” Stakeholders in the sector of broadcasting would discuss how to implement digital mode of broadcast, best sensitization methods to employ as well as adopt a policy draft that would serve as a guide to activities in the digital era. Bolarinwa said digital broadcasting requires patience to effectively broadcast signals to the viewers on a timely basis. It is also possible to transmit to a specific viewer, he added.

Currently, about 24 million households have television in Nigeria.

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