Cameroon: Donga-Mantung Community Radio Goes International


The Director of Radio Active, London-based Marx Graef Ta-Nformi, recently confirmed the international recognition of the two-year-old Donga-Mantung Community Radio, DMCR, based in Nkambe.

Graef Ta-Nformi, who personally installed the Donga-Mantung Community Radio, which went on the air on July 27, 2006, said through his efforts the radio had gained international recognition.

He said DMCR would soon receive a host of journalists from volunteer radio activists from the United Kingdom.Graef Ta-Nformi said they would be coming to improve the professional quality of DMCR journalists whom he had found wanting.

He also expressed satisfaction with the programmes of the radio. Nevertheless, he said they needed more professional touch.In a bid to arrest this situation, he said he trained 14 broadcasters selected from all the five subdivisions of Donga-Mantung Division, on broadcasting, programmes initiation and advertising principles for three days.

Marx Graef disclosed that in order to give the radio a qualitative and broader reception, the 50 WH radio transmitter has been replaced with a 150 WH; and that the mast has been raised from 45 metres to 65 metres to ensure total coverage of the entire Division.

He also said to ensure total coverage of the Division, the old equipment of the radio which he repaired would be installed in Nwa in the days ahead as a relay station.Besides, he said other relay stations would be installed in the Sub-Divisional headquarters of Ndu, Misaje and Ako.

The DMCR is now in neighbouring Noni and Nkum Sub-divisions in Bui Division and also in Oku in the same Division; Bum Subdivision and parts of Fundong in Boyo Division, parts of the Western and Adamawa Provinces. The radio waves equally reach the whole of Tariba state in Nigeria.

The Post (Buea) 12 August 2008