South Africa’s GetMo launches all-in-one online entertainment service

Technology & Convergence

GetMo, South Africa's first all-in-one online digital entertainment service, was launched today at the Wits University campus in Johannesburg with a free live music spectacular to more than 3000 students.

Featuring local hip hop artist HHP and R&B singer KB, the event marked the beginning of a nationwide live music launch tour which will see leading South African artists performing 34 free shows at schools, universities and venues in 7 cities across the country from 6-22 August.

“GetMo offers South Africa a wide range of digital entertainment including music, movies, mobile content and more. The service is available to both mobile and PC users, making it South Africa's first multi-platform all-in-one digital entertainment service,” says Jehan Mackay, director of TSS

“The digital entertainment landscape is changing fast, and so are users of mobile and PC products. GetMo aims to give South African's fast and reliable access to value-for-money digital entertainment anywhere at anytime. In addition to music and movies, GetMo also offers consumers online access to ringtones, graphics, video clips, music videos, games and more, all from the same online service,” says Klaus Renkl, GetMo country manager for South Africa.

GetMo South Africa is owned by Arvato Middle East Sales (AMES) a subsidiary of Bertelsmann¹s Arvato Group and local South African IT empowerment group TSS. GetMo is a complete content offering, delivering a wide range of quality music, music videos, movies, ringtones, graphics, games and video clips for cell phones, PCs and other mobile technologies and devices. The content presentation includes pre-listening, previews, movie trailers, descriptions and other metadata around the items available, allowing customers to make informed choices and ensuring that they get exactly what they want.

The business model is unique, as users can choose to either download content such as music to own, or to rent, for a period of time, and at the same time enjoy GETMO bundled with other products or even as sponsored access from GETMO brand partners.

GetMo also has the ability to use peer-to-peer distribution technologies which allows users to share files between each other legally.

Can independent artists, film makers, designers, creators etc approach GetMo directly to have their content available? GetMo is able to support all content types and it is something it actually reinforces. If the quality is acceptable, there will be a pay-off for both themselves and the content producers.

Also, whereas most other digital entertainment services offer a pay-as-you-use model, GetMo includes a unique all-you-can-eat service which allows customers limitless amounts of entertainment on any device they choose for a constant monthly fee.