Zimbabwe: ZBCTV to Screen Two New Local Dramas and a Korean soap


Two new local dramas - Legacies and Kusika Moto - are set to grace the screens as part of ZBCTV's new viewing season. The productions will be screened on Tuesdays and Thursdays respectively. Legacies revolves around a 12-year-old girl, Makaitatenzi who is forced to marry an elderly businessman and chief Gideon Gamanya to settle an old score.

But life as the chief's wife turns into hell on earth after she suffers abuse at the hands of the man's string of concubines forcing her to flee to the city for dear life. The storyline keeps on getting complex when chief Gamanya dies and bequeaths some of his legacy to Makaitatenzi's son Garikai who unfortunately has to be searched for after Makaitatenzi's disappearance.

The young man Garikai is lost in the huge maze of city life ending up in a foster home. After that dark patch, Garikai falls head over heels in love with a girl who bears a birthmark similar to his leading to Garikai going on a quest of his true identity and legacy.

Kusika Moto, on the other hand, explores the issue of HIV and Aids among rural people and how they struggle to relate to their status and stigma. The protagonist in the drama is HIV positive and does not divulge her status to her children choosing to heap all the blame on witchcraft. It looks at how society and the family treat victims of the disease.

In a related development, ZBCTV has unveiled a new Korean soap The Coffee Prince to replace Jewel in the Korean Palace that had had a fine run on the screens judging from its popularity among viewers. It also shows how Oriental productions are beginning to make inroads onto the local screens that were previously dominated by Western, Bollywood as well as Nigerian productions.

The Herald (Harare) 8 September 2008