Zimbabwe: Talent Show CBZ Academy is Here


The third season of the CBZ A Academy kicks off today on ZTV, with the launch in Gweru. The first auditions will be on September 26. The auditions will then move to Bulawayo on September 27 and 28, before relocating to Harare on October 4 and 5.

Over the years the CBZ A Academy has emphasized the message that dreams can come true. As if proof was needed, Eric Moyo won the idols Africa competition recently. Moyo was runner up in the inaugural 2006 A Academy to Jonah Sithole. Moyo's brother, MK also performed exceptionally well in both competitions.

CBZ A Academy executive producer Gary Thompson had this to say: "I feel the show has vindicated our belief in Zimbabwean talent. Some doubted that there was real potential in our nation and I'm so blown away by Eric's performance on idols, and obviously our own incredible line-up of junior superstars. "It shows promise for tomorrow and we have so much fun seeing the journey of dreams continue, thanks to (sponsors) CBZ."

There were doubts there would be an A Academy competition this year given the hostile economic climate. Expectations are high that there will be another show of talent that rivals previous editions of the competition.

This year the show boasts some new features that should keep viewers highly entertained. One of these is an exclusive dream interview with Zimbabwe's swimming sensation and Olympic medallist, Kristy Coventry. "We are changing things a bit so it's not just seeing but showcasing the journey of dreams. We also have a new show host," Thompson said.

"You now there's such fresh talent out there and that's what it's about. I mean look at Lebo as idols anchor. He came through us. So what's stopping some other great Zimbabwean? I have four kids now!" CBZ A Academy will finalize a major concert tour at the Harare International Conference Centre -- the new home of the Academy -- on November 16.

The Rainbow Towers will be the new home of the academy for contestants. A new band has been assembled and the producers have hinted that we may see some old academy finalists coming back to mentor.

Zimbabwe Standard (Harare) 15 September 2008