Africa: Flyaway coverage of African football

Technology & Convergence

Gearhouse Broadcast has been contracted to build three Flyaway systems to cover domestic football leagues in various African countries for South African satellite broadcaster M-Net. The tender was put out by M-Net’s parent company MultiChoice, after it obtained the rights to cover the football in Kenya, Angola and Zambia. Gearhouse Broadcast’s successful tender was based on its unique flyaway production monitor stack solutions. These are portable production units housed in easily transportable flight cases.

The production units have to be flown between South Africa and the respective African nations. Outside broadcast (OB) trucks were not an appropriate solution in this instance, with each location having differing production space available. The Flyaway units contain an eight-camera system made up of Sony BVP E30s cameras, a Sony DVS 9000 vision mixer, Teletest rack mount monitors, Harris Inscriber G1 graphics, 2 x 6 Channel SD EVS XT2, Harris glue, Pro-Bel router, RTS/Telex comms system, Yamaha mixing desk and GlenSound commentating units and a mixture of new and used Canon lenses.

Says Eamonn Dowdall, MD at Gearhouse Broadcast: “A major factor in securing the contract was Gearhouse’s ability to supply a loan flyaway within less than a week’s time, demonstrating the company’s flexibility.”