Global View Networks partners with SatLink Brazilian Hope Channel to Portuguese-speaking Africa


SatLink Communications announced last week the launch of Brazilian spiritual channel, Hope Channel’s Novo Tempo (Canal de Esperanza TV) in the Portuguese language to Africa. SatLink is partnering with Global View Networks to broadcast this channel to African audiences on the Intelsat 10 satellite.

Hope Channel is a family friendly television network spanning the globe with eight global channels. Its Portuguese channel, Novo Tempo, broadcasts from Jacarei, Brazil. Novo Tempo's programming is produced in Brazil and viewed on over 165 cable outlets, more than 50 television rebroadcast stations, satellite, and internet. Now, with SatLink’s access to Africa, the channel is expanding from the Americas to reach the more than 17 million Portuguese speakers on the continent.

Networks, broadcasters and channels from around the globe, like Hope Channel, are joining SatLink due to its capability to provide channels with worldwide coverage. With its Middle East teleport’s more than 70 antennae and a fully linked global fiber network, SatLink offers what it claims is an effective solution for global content distribution.

According to Brad Thorp, President of Hope Channel, “The African market can now tune in to our messages of hope and love in Portuguese. With SatLink enabling us to add this important region to our broadcast reach; we believe that these messages will make a difference.”