South Africa: The return of Noot vir Noot


Noot vir Noot, officially the longest running game show in South Africa and also the most popular Afrikaans TV show ever, returns to SABC2 for a groundbreaking 31st season from next Friday, 1 August 2008 at 7.30pm.

“Over the last 17 years, Noot vir Noot has built up a huge following of loyal viewers. SABC2 is excited to welcome this evergreen and very popular show back on the channel,” says Chrizelda de Vos, SABC2 brand manager.

The hour-long music quiz/variety show returns for 14 weeks in its 17th year on-air with a refreshed look, enhanced production design, new games and guest artists. The producers, Johan Stemmet and Johann van Rensburg of Stemmburg Television, have added dynamic lighting effects to complement the new set (introduced in the previous season) and enhance the visual enjoyment of the show.

Pretoria-based Blond Productions was responsible for incorporating the new lighting technology for this series. Both set designer Koos Theron and lighting designer Alasdair Richards have worked with Blond on other productions before and saw the potential for them to introduce the visual dynamics to the show's equation.

In keeping with the show's policy over the years, some of the games have been changed and the computer graphics improved in order to keep Noot vir Noot fresh and attractive for the viewers. Some of the changes entail the guest artists now playing a more active role in the new “Medley game”, called “Voorsmakie” (Foretaste).

Noot vir Noot XXXI once again introduces eight guest artists that have never appeared on the show before. The list includes Jody Williams (latest Idols winner), Nadine, Bianca and SAMA award winners Valiant Swart, Ollie Viljoen and Karen Zoid.

Contestants from all over South Africa never cease to amaze with their knowledge of new and old melodies; and some of them will be responsible for a few very tense and dramatic cliffhangers in the new series. Watch out for a strong dose of “female power” this time around!