South Africa - SABC2's new music “reality”/documentary show Jam Sandwich


SABC2's new music “reality”/documentary show Jam Sandwich is a 13-part reality documentary entertainment series where musicians from different market segments of the South African music spectrum are put together to collaborate. Jam Sandwich promises to deliver television that opens the door on how musicians work, how they create and what they are really capable of, given a free rein without the demands of commercial success.

“The South African music market is still segmented with artists being very popular in one market and virtually unknown in another... Jam Sandwich plans to change all that!” enthuses executive producer Deon Maas. Unlike previous collaborative efforts, participants will not be allowed to go for the obvious, but be encouraged to stretch themselves and create truly unique musical experiences that will challenge them as artists and also challenge the general public's perception of who they really are.

During the process they are expected to create one new original song and do a cover of an existing South African song. Due to the nature of the collaborations, artists will also find themselves introduced to new ideas, markets and a possible fanbase. The viewer will be privy to the insider moves of how music is created. The entire creative process; conversations between artists, the choice of song, the laying of the tracks, the rehearsals, the jams, the fights, the successes and the spending of their reward money will be filmed and shown warts-and-all to the viewer.

Each show will start with a background on each artist, followed by various jam sessions during which the creative process will be followed. After the recording of the song, each artist will be given R10,000 to spend in whichever way they see fit and in agreement with their collaborative partner. Artists will have the option of making a video, organising a live gig, buy new musical equipment, put mags on their cars, go skydiving or blow the money in whatever way they want. They are not allowed to bank the money.

Upcoming Jam Sandwich collaborations include:

* 29 July - RKO and Kwela Tebza

* 5 August - Blackie Swart and Gumshev

* 12 August - Dokte (ex-Kallitz) and Karen Zoid

* 19 August - Hotstix and Kwani Experience

* 26 August - Jam Sandwich finale; “spending the money”

Jam Sandwich is a joint venture between Meerkat Media and Mahala Empowerment Media. The former is co-owned by music industry expert Deon Maas. The producer is Pauli van Dyk and Michael Lee is the director. Sibusiso Molefe of Publicity Stunt is the associate producer. SABC 2's Jam Sandwich is broadcast on the national TV channel every Tuesday at 10pm. Each show runs for an hour. The series has 13 episodes. Jam Sandwich is repeated on SABC2 every Friday evening at midnight (Saturday morning).