Rwanda: New Talk Show for Entrepreneurs to Kick Off


A new talk show that will bring people together to share ideas and opinions on how to improve their lifestyle and forge a reputation is set to kick off soon. It is organised by Intsinzi 4 Lifestyle (i4L), a Rwandan company that values culture and was formed on the principle that Rwandans can improve their lifestyles through interaction and understanding how to make use of the country's great culture and values in order to benefit from them.

"This is a brand for modern and emancipated Rwandan citizens and residents capable of taking the challenges of our time and positioning Rwanda on the top of the world in social-economic innovation and success," said Beau Kalinda, the Intsinzi 4 Lifestyle promoter and talk show host.

The talk show is the first of its kind in Kigali and Rwanda in general. The show is to host people with an entrepreneurial potential. These include people in business or who are willing to start a business. "It is a true East African and beyond interactive and entertaining opportunity for all Kigali residents to enjoy. Knowledge is wealth but without proper communication it cannot be shared. That is why I thought that such a talk show is a great asset for EDPRS, Vision 2020 and a private sector that will lead the growth and development of our country's economy," the host explained.

"The show will also involve the private and public sector in general. CEOs and Managers will share their experiences in order to foster a vibrant and competitive private sector. This will create great networking and joint ventures whenever possible with like-minded entrepreneurs," said Kalinda.

The talk show, which is meant to sensitise the general public on how to make better use of the various opportunities the Rwandan culture has to offer, will kick off on Tuesday, August 12 at 18.30. It will be held at the Intsinzi Show Hall at St. Paul in Kigali City centre, right behind Ste. Famille church.

The New Times (Kigali)30 July 2008