Zimbabwe: Video Promotions’ African Food Adventure on M-Net


A Zimbabwean television series focusing on local cuisine is featuring on DStv between June and September, giving viewers across Africa a chance to enjoy an insight not only into local culinary expertise but also into local film-making talent.

The African Food Adventure, produced by a well-known Zimbabwean production house, Video Promotions, starts its run on M-Net’s Africa Magic (channel 114) on Friday June 13 (6.30pm). It is a 13-part cooking series in which the host, Roger Zowa - production manager of Video Promotions - travels through the scenic backdrop of wild and urban Zimbabwe to discover how the many ways of preparing game meat and other rare delicacies of African cuisine. He will also be challenging viewers to try preparing some of these unusual dishes themselves.

In each of the three-segment episodes, a chef prepares a meal of his or her choice, explaining every step to the host, who will where necessary translate and simplify some of the vernacular communications into English. Each episode starts with a background to whatever dish is being cooked. For instance, if a crocodile is being cooked, viewers are given general information about the reptile and the edible and most palatable parts of its anatomy.

The second segment allows the viewer a glimpse of scenery and adventure, before the show settles into a step-by-step routine of the chef’s culinary expertise. The third segment features randomly picked diners, who are either food buffs or justpeople trying something new and different, tasting the dish prepared.

Liz Dziva of MultiChoice Zimbabwe was also delighted with the development. “Once again DStv features Zimbabwean talent and offers this country a chance to showcase its expertise and attractions, as well as what it can offer visitors. We hope this will enhance interest in Zimbabwe among the dozens of countries across Africa that enjoy access to the Africa Magic channel on the various DStv bouquets.”