E.Tv's ‘Let's Fix It’ is back


E.Tv's popular social up-liftment programme Let's Fix It is back on air on 29 July 2008. Now in its fourth season, Let's Fix It is once again looking to lend a helping hand to those in need. Kaelo Worldwide Media has been appointed as the production company to produce the new series and the show is being refreshed with a brand new look.

Says Zanele Mthembu, Head: Local Productions, e.tv: “Kaelo Worldwide Media has been appointed to produce the fourth season of Let's Fix It as they specialise in corporate social responsibility, corporate sponsorship strategy and implementation and they have a wide range of experience and expertise in television production.

"This makes Kaelo well positioned to bring a new and fresh angle to the show, as well as ensure sustainability of the 'fixes' that the series will implement. We look forward to working with Kaelo Worldwide Media in taking LFI from strength to strength.”

The focus stays the same - to help those who want to help themselves and others enjoy a better quality of life. Unlike large-scale organisational-based aid and assistance, Let's Fix It gives individuals and community groups the opportunity to have their voices heard and needs met.

By working with local suppliers and community groups, Let's Fix It aims to foster neighbourhood relationships, community building and a positive ‘can-do' attitude in the spirit of Ubuntu. The recipe of the show that audiences have come to love remains the same, but this season, we will be looking for programmes with long-lasting effects, for Let's Fix Its that do more than just provide a meal and start enabling people to feed themselves.