Uganda: GTV Subscribers to Pay Using Scratch Cards


GTV a pay television has unveiled a scratch card that enables customers to pay their monthly subscriptions.

"The card comes in three denominations, catering for the three GTV bouquets - G Home, G Choice and G Plus. The cards are in sh70,000 for G Plus, which is the premium bouquet, sh35,000 for G Choice and sh20,100 for G Home," said Daniel Kagwe, the country general manager.

"The move was prompted by our commitment to world-class customer service and the need to provide a much easier and convenient way of paying subscriptions by our growing number of subscribers," he explained.

"We listened to our customers' feedback for the need to offer accessible payment options to suit their busy schedules."

He described the development as a "major milestone in the history of pay TV in Africa. "GTV customers will no longer have to queue to pay their subscriptions. All you need to do is get yourself a G-UP scratch card from your nearest participating outlet or GTV dealer.

New Vision (Kampala) 25 June 2008