Nigeria: Ogun House Bars Gateway TV, Radio

Regulation & Policy

THE Ogun State House of Assembly has barred the state-owned Gateway Television and Radio from covering proceedings and activities of the House for allegedly portraying the legislators in bad light. The decision to ban the two stations was as result of the resolution passed yesterday by the legislators who were returning from a two-week stay in the United States of America.

The decision was taken on the day the former Speaker of Mrs. Titi Oseni, was appearing on the floor of the house for the first time after her impeachment a month ago. Members of the House who took turns to lambast the two stations said they were not only anti-legislature but also anti-people as they were accused of twisting events in the House.

The House unanimously agreed to bar the two stations until further notice.Mrs. Titi Oseni whose appearance drew snide remarks from people on the gallery was believed to have had the intention of shunning the activities of the House until the legislators would be persuaded to return her as Speaker.

Vanguard gathered that her decision to return was based on her discovery that her colleagues were not willing to back down on their decision to impeach her. Meanwhile, the House also passed a vote of confidence on Governor Olugbenga Daniel for publishing the revenue allocation to the 20 local governments in the newspapers.

Vanguard (Lagos) 2 July 2008