South Africa: Country, Netherlands Collaborate on Reality TV Show


Currently being broadcast on Link television in the Netherlands is Expedition Unlimited, a reality TV show on the South African adventures of five models and five young people with physical disabilities. The show is a collaboration between South African Tourism and the Netherlands' VSB Fonds and National Committee for International Co-operation and Sustainable Development.

Expedition Unlimited provides viewers with a glimpse of different worlds - South Africa versus the Netherlands, models versus people with disabilities, the bush, the desert, the sea and mountains.

"South Africa itself is a prime example of a country full of contrasts and extremes - the ideal place for challenge and adventure. As such, each episode aims to depict South Africa to Dutch consumers as both exotic and challenging, but also accessible and engaging," explains Ilse-Marie Sobering, marketing and communications manager at SA Tourism in the Netherlands.

In the first episode five teams, comprising one model and one disabled person, were assembled. Over the next nine episodes, the five teams perform a series of challenges at scenic locations throughout SA - including a specially developed tandem bicycle route. While each stage involves cycling, each episode also includes new and uniquely South African challenges as teams compete to gain a head start in the next episode.

While the race sets out in and ends in Cape Town, where the finale episode takes place, Expedition Unlimited takes teams to a host of exciting locations throughout South Africa as teams compete for the 20,000 euro first prize.

Biz-Community (Cape Town) 14 November 2008