Liberia: Broadcasting System Goes Nation-Wide as China rehabilitates facilities


The Chinese Government has turned over to the Liberian Government, the newly renovated and expanded facilities of the Liberia Broadcasting System. Wednesday's ceremony also marked the formal launch of the China/LBS Radio Project, under which the Chinese Government has provided a 10-thousand kilowatt FM transmitter to boost the station's radio transmission throughout the country. A second transmitter has also been provided by the Chinese to relay English programs produced by China Radio International throughout Liberia. The transmission will also provide 3-hours of radio programming in Chinese.

The President reminded the management of the Liberia Broadcasting System to ensure that the station remains objective, neutral, and apolitical in the dissemination of information to the Liberia people, adding, 'concentrate on development.'

The cost of the LBS-China Aided FM Radio Expansion Project is put at US $4-million. The station is now well placed to cover the entire country with relay outstations in six counties, including Lofa, Bong, Grand Bassa, Grand Gedeh, Bomi, and Maryland. The facilities are also equipped with a microwave satellite link, to boost transmitted signals from the System's headquarters in Monrovia to its outstations around the country.

Under terms of an Understanding between China and Liberia, the Government of China will provide maintenance for the facilities for one year, after which Radio China International will contract a Chinese Firm to provide maintenance for an additional four years.

Liberia Government (Monrovia) 19 November 2008