Nigeria: Board Restrategises Against Corruption

Regulation & Policy

Nigerian Film and Video Censorship Board (NFVCB) has concluded plans with some stakeholders to use the film industry to fight corruption and engineer development in the country.

At a stakeholders' forum held in Enugu, the Board said it was aware of the place of the video industry in waging a successful war against social maladies in the country.

A senior official of the Board, Mr Obiora Chukwu Mba, who is Special Assistant to the Director-General said it was possible to use the film industry to grow the economy, social life and good that the industry can bring about.

Noting that other countries had achieved a high level of development through the film industry, Mba said this was also possible for Nigeria.

To achieve this, the Board, in collaboration with other stakeholders will be introducing special prizes for home video films with creative and effective integrity.

According to the Co-ordinator of the project titled "Good Governance Through Anti-Corruption Programming", Mr Chibuzo Ekwekwuo said prizes will be endowed on ideals in respect of which specific public institutions and agencies are established.

"Our aim is to mobilize a minimum of 10 cash prizes and not less than N5 million, and N2 million for the first place and runner ups each per annum.

"Each of the prizes will be endowed for an integrity ideal, value or model that the endowing agency best wishes to portray", he said.

Ekwekwuo disclosed that part of the plan is to seek specific regulatory bodies to endow specific prizes, such as the ICPC, EFCC and the NFVCB, adding that these bodies have already confirmed readiness to endow prizes.

Under the arrangement, some of the films will depict life in public service in Nigeria, modeling what is right and wrong in conflict of interest situations.

Such film will also show how wrong doing in public service can bring disastrous personal consequences, as well as the temporary gains of wrong conduct and the long time disasters that it often brings.

Actors and actresses, including film makers and directors who attended the forum, while commending the idea expressed the likely difficulty that may be experienced during such programme.

For instance, a film producer, Afam Okereke said the likely difficulty could be in sourcing relevant materials from reputable institutions.

Long time actor, Chief Chika Okpara, ( aka Chief Zebrudaya), who pointed out that corruption has eaten deep in all fabrics of life in the country, including the film industry said that the current programme if implemented can assist in stamping out corruption in the society.He opined that the organizers of the forum can consider organizing a workshop where working groups can come up with story ideas that can change the system in the country.

This Day (Lagos) 17 November 2008