African IPTV Energized by Backspace Communications' Power Plant System

Technology & Convergence

Backspace Communications, LLC has delivered their IPTV Power Plant, a complete IPTV / Internet Television system, to Africa. The "IPTV Power Plant" is a complete IPTV solution-in-a-box. The system includes all components necessary to encode, broadcast, manage, and display IPTV and Internet Television. It is shipped pre-racked, pre-cabled, and pre-configured so that all a customer needs to do is to plug in power, video sources, and an Internet connection -- and then begin signing up subscribers for service. Prior to delivery, the system can even be customized with the customer's name and logo on the Interactive Programming Guide and delivered complete with pre-programmed sign-up interfaces. The Backspace Communications "IPTV Power Plant" system allows subscribers to view content on all three screens: a television screen, a computer, or even a mobile device.

"We view Africa as a strategic growth area," said Fling Traylor, CEO of Backspace. Infonetics reported that Africa has been one of the fastest-growing markets for broadband connections. CTO Joseph Lea added, "As IPTV relies on broadband, we believe that this makes a ripe market for new business models based on Backspace IPTV solutions."

Backspace Communications offers a full complement of services to providers who wish to begin offering IPTV - the customer experience begins with a new business consultation, realistic advice about equipment requirements, and comes full circle with support consultations. "Since we also built an IPTV broadcast company utilizing our own solution, we completely understand all the challenges someone will face as they start their own venture," says Lea. "We can offer first-hand insight into what it takes to run a broadcast company, bringing knowledge and experience that other IPTV System vendors can't provide to their customers."