Content In Brief


- Newly inaugurated President Barack Obama will encourage young people to embrace community service and volunteering projects, at the US Youth Inaugural Ball. The show will air live on MTV in the USA and on MTV base on 22 January.

- M-Net has secured the rights to broadcast yesterday’s opening celebration of President Barack Obama's inauguration from HBO which holds the international rights to the opening ceremony which took place on Tuesday, 20 January. The ceremony included a concert was also seen in Asia, Central Europe and Latin America. Besides M-Net in Africa, a slate of other broadcasters have picked up the event, including SBS in Australia, France Telecom, HOT in Israel, SKY Italia and WOWOW in Japan.

- The Cape of Good Hope SPCA has called on M-Net to apologise for a preview of its new comedy series The Coconuts which features a cat being cooked for a meal. Viewers were treated to a preview of the family cooking what was supposedly one of the neighbour's cats. It then goes on to show a child being handed a dinner plate and a neighbour arrives asking after his cat, prompting one viewer to lodge a complaint with the Broadcasting Complaints Commission. The viewer complained that the show was "distasteful and offensive" and "extremely distressing" to all those who loved animals and who cared for their well-being.

- People are calling Swaziland's first children's radio programme "Ses'khona", which literally means, "We're here", but in the SiSwati language it implies the arrival of a group that intends to stay and be heard. Beginning in February, Swazi children will be able to tune in to hear their contemporaries report the news, entertain them and discuss issues that matter to pre-adult listeners.

- One of the most controversial films to be made in South Africa is about to be launched in cinemas there. Triomf, directed by the Egyptian-born Michael Raeburn and based on Marlene Van Niekerk’s award winning novel is set for theatrical release on 20 February in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Pretoria.

- Malian Filmaker Salif Traore’s film "Faro, la reine des eaux" opened on 21 January at a UNESCO event in Paris celebrating the Year of Astronomy.