Lesotho TV invest in new file-based infrastructure


South African systems integrator Inala Broadcast has supplied an Omneon MediaDeck (TM) integrated media server to Masero-based Lesotho TV, in a turnkey solution that also includes the Omneon MediaController(TM) panel and Omneon MediaTools(TM) software, including PlayTool, RecordTool, and ConformTool for integration with Avid(R) edit applications.

The Omneon system supports a new file-based workflow that streamlines post-production and simplifies playout of the public broadcaster's news programming. This is the first Omneon system ever installed in Lesotho.

In conjunction with the MediaController panel, RecordTool facilitates the ingest of content into the MediaDeck server by enabling scheduled recording of clips on either a regular, repeating basis or as a one-time event. Segmented recording allows editors to begin work on long-duration content during ingest, rather than wait until the entire record session is complete. The MediaDeck system is integrated with Avid Media Composer Adrenaline editors to support a smooth editing workflow, and PlayTool provides an easy-to-use interface for creating and manipulating playlists, as well as scheduling clip playout from the MediaDeck server.

These tightly integrated Omneon solutions have allowed Lesotho TV to implement a cost-effective file-based infrastructure that improves media handling and allows editors and journalists to get news to air more efficiently. FTP delivery of edited material to the server for playout reduces pressure on editors, who are able to deliver news packages faster and with greater confidence.