Nigeria: 'Market Receptive to Pay TV Penetration'


The low level of Pay Television in Nigeria has the potentials to boost its penetration and quick spread in the country as long the barriers to accessing the converging media technology are removed, according to My TV’s General Manager Banjat Mirza.

He said, "Nigerian market is receptive to the development of the sector though presently, the penetration of Pay Television is very low in the country, but the emerging trend points to the great prospects and potentials it has in this country, the global financial meltdown, notwithstanding".

"The Nigerian market is huge and vibrant", he said, but added that, the issue of merger or acquisition, at this point in time is premature. "Right now the sector is relatively when we look at the size of the sector and its penetration and on the basis of that individual providers in the country, through innovations can have a reasonable share of the market".

According to Mirza, the current Pay TV low penetration of the country is good for competition in the industry but said he does not however foresee a possible consolidation, the type recently witnessed in the financial sector. Media convergence technologies enable subscribers to enjoy easier and faster access to music, TV programmes, films or games via the Internet, mobile phones or other devices.

While commending the Federal Government for its liberalisation of policies on communications Mirza said, "If barriers to accessing the technologies are removed, the industry would be better for it "since the technology is Satellite based, the contributions of government would be in the areas of contributing to research and grant a form of waivers on the equipment we import".

He told journalists at a briefing in Abuja that the latest development from the Pay TV operator in the country, has recorded tremendous growth haven doubled its subscribers base within the last one year, "the converging media technology would make the products more available, affordable and the sophistication of bandwidth. By introducing more channels to its bouquet for children, news, music, Nigerian movies and soap operas and a western family entertainment channel rich in dramas, movies, comedies and science fiction it is set to revolutionise the industry."

Daily Trust