Côte d'Ivoire: TV5 Monde-Afrique’s Denise Epoté tells FESPACO “Quality’s what’s important to us”


Denise Epoté, the Director of TV5 Monde-Afrique told journalists during the FESPACO festival that the channel would not favour any one African country in terms of the films it showed. She said what was important to the channel was getting quality productions shown.

“If I would be inclined to favoritism, I would prefer to show films from Cameroon since that’s my country. What I’m saying to you is that we only favour quality. And under this heading Burkinabè film-makers are creative and make very good films.” The station has been a sponsor of FESPACO since 1995:”We sign partnerships with serious people who are capable of delivering convincingly.”

TV5 does not believe it makes any sense for it to be the exclusive sponsor of the event:”It would be suicide for a TV chain to insist on exclusivity for a cultural event of this kind. The importance of this kind of event is that it should be seen throughout the world.”