Broadcast In Brief:


- Trade unions at RTG 1 suspended their strike which had been taking place since Thursday last week to cover the death of the President’s wife, d'Edith Lucie Bongo Ondimba, 45 years old, who died on Saturday in Morocco.

- Botswana Tourist Board has secured 671 advertising slots on BBC World Service TV for eight weeks. The deal has been sealed at a bargain price with a bulk advertising discount. The 671 video slots of 30 seconds each have been spread across North America, Europe and Africa. BBC America (North America) gets 224 slots, Europe has 225 slots while the Africa service had 222, BTB official Keitumetse Setlang has said.

- World football governing body, Fifa and French news agency, Agence France-Presse (AFP) have partnered in a 2010 legacy initiative that will see more than 300 African football journalists receive specialized training ahead of the 2010 World Cup.

Reporters and photographers from all 53 countries in Africa will be invited to participate in a series of week-long courses provided by the AFP Foundation.The initiative is part of Fifa's Win in Africa with Africa project, launched after South Africa was chosen to host the 2010 FIFA World Cup four year ago.