Sénégal: Regulator CNRA tells Afia FM to stop broadcasting “political programmes”

Regulation & Policy

Le Conseil national de régulation de l'audiovisuel (CNRA) has told community radio station Afia FM which broadcasts to the Grand Yoff area in Dakar to stop broadcasting programmes of a political nature, a move that emphasises the limitations that can be imposed on this type of media.

CNRA told Afia FM that it risks that include the rescinding of “its frequency in line with article 26 of the law dated 2006-04 of 4 January 2006", in a communiqué issued to the press. CNRA reminded the radio station that the terms and conditions covering community radio licences said:”Community radio stations cannot broadcast information, messages or debates of a political character.” Afia FM broadcasts a series of programmes on the candidates and campaigns of those standing for local election this month.

Agence de Presse Sénégalaise