Nigeria: Federal Government Cautions Media On Electoral Reform Reports

Regulation & Policy

The Federal Government has cautioned the media to ensure that it reports accurately and with a sense of responsibility. Describing reports by the media on white paper on the electoral reform as not based on facts, Minister of Information and Communication, Professor Dora Akunyili called on the media to avoid jumping to conclusions and allow the government do its work properly without being rushed.

"Even though the government has not finished its deliberations on some aspects of the report, the media has reached the conclusion that the delay is due to disagreements and attempts to alter certain aspects of the report. This is not true," she said.

She said the government wants to ensure that the final document agreed upon and released to the people is thoroughly debated, settled and workable in line with similar documents.

"Due to the importance and significance of this document to the survival of Nigeria's democracy, the government will make haste but slowly. Government is working within a process that will ensure that the report is subject to deep deliberations and benefits from the expertise of members of the secretariat. To insinuate otherwise will be a disservice to the Nigerian people and an attempt to accuse the government for a crime it has not committed," said.

She called on the media to give the government the benefit to go through the normal deliberating processes that will ensure deliberations are concluded on time and a final approved copy released to the Nigerian public.

Daily Trust