MyNews24 jumps to top spot on Mark’s Twitter News Ranking Index

Technology & Convergence

MyNews24 has jumped from the 5th spot on Mark’s Twitter News Ranking Index to 1st. In a month. The road to success seems to be very much in line with a recent column MarkLives published on how news organisations can effectively use Twitter.

They have a human being posting breaking news updates, replying to reader queries and following followers. In fact they seem to actively search out new readers. The site even jumped the much older @News24 Twitter account which itself has seen somewhat fewer updates than usual. That by the way is a move in the right direction. Few care to follow the dozens of news headlines that gets posted in bulk by some news organisations.

SABC News and Moneyweb joins Mark’s news listing (both launched on Twitter in the past few days), as does Muti, a news aggregator. We are expanding the Index to follow non-print news resources as well. Would be interesting to see how radio stacks up against online or print brands (@702 seems to be doing pretty well)!

Further abroad it has been announced that Sky News has appointed a Twitter correspondent - Ruth Barnett - to scour Twitter for breaking news stories.