Angola: Public Television Announces Greater Diversity of Programmes


Government operated channel TPA says that it is going to be offering its viewers "programming with a greater diversity", according to its director for Communication and Marketing, Pedro Ramalhoso who spoke to ANGOP last week. He did not reveal specific details of programmes but acknowledged that TPA needed to improve the quality of its programmes.

However, he gave some clues as to likely new directions by talking about the need for coverage in Angolan vernacular languages that are not already broadcast and coming up with a local soap that will attract viewers who currently watch international soaps.

He said the channel was particularly interested in the success of local journalist Joana Tómas and were studying this success to see what it might tell TPA about Angola culture and identity.

The acknowledgement by TPA comes at a time when Angola is poised to open the gates to new Free to Air and Pay TV channels that will give the state broadcaster some real competition for viewers.

Angola Press Agency (Luanda) 17 October 2008