Nigeria: FG Task Committee on Digital Broadcasting starts its work

Technology & Convergence

Nigeria’s Minister of Communication and Information, John Odey has said that it is imperative for Nigeria to switch over to digital broadcasting technology if the nation would not become a dumping ground for analogue equipment.

According to Odey: "The government is fully aware that Nigeria cannot afford to be left behind in view of the drastic consequences on our broadcast industry and the overall information sector. If we do not follow the trend, our country will become a dumping ground for analogue equipment apart from losing other benefits associated with digitalisation."

The Minister stressed the need for the Committee to come up with a policy framework, that the country will adopt. The policy framework will be complied by various broadcast stations. "So that Nigeria will have a unified transmission across the country."

Meanwhile one of the speakers at Africastn Tim Bealor, Vice President, RF Systems - (Broadcast Electronics said there was a huge investment involved in converting from analogue operating system to the new digital signals, so the government should not be rigid in its application of the deadline date so as to make it easier for broadcasters to comply.

"I can tell you that in the US, we had two date shifts, and now we would be fully converted by February 2009. It's a difficult choice, but then, a lot is involved in the digital conversion and we need to be patient with everyone to get along," Bealor said.

Vanguard (Lagos) 15 October 2008