African Movie Channel calls for input from SA filmmakers


Ever considered watching African movies at home on your PC for a fairly reasonable rate? Interested in another source of distribution for your African movie? Well, it is all possible and the UK-based African Movie Channel (AMC) is offering this service right now.

Hundreds of Nollywood and other African movies are now just a mouse-click away, at, for viewers to watch on their PC and TV whenever they like. Viewers can enjoy the fine works of some of Africa's best producers and directors - Tunde Kelani, Charles Novia, Fred Amata, Chico Ejiro, Paul Igwe, and many more...

Nollywood as we know is the enormously popular Nigerian film industry, and the third largest film industry in the world, behind Hollywood and India's Bollywood. “We are always on the lookout for good quality content for all over Africa,” says AMC’s Yinka Mayungbo.

“We have a revenue-share arrangement with rights-owners. We also license African content from all over Africa (movies, TV series, talk shows, reality TV, documentaries, etc) for our broadcast clients in the UK and the USA. This is totally separate from the use of such content by the African Movie Channel. Once we have assessed and approved such content, and if the rights owners are interested, we deliberate on what license fee and terms would apply.”

AMC provides best picture quality for Nollywood films on the internet, with every selection available to enjoy at excellent full-screen DVD quality. All movies are sourced direct from the original master versions, thus, says Mayungbo, guaranteeing audio and visual quality, exceeding what consumers currently get with regular Video CD's or from anywhere online.

The channel is available on-demand 24/7 anywhere in the world, with every movie selection available to fast-forward, rewind, and pause, just like a DVD. All that is required is an internet connection together with a laptop or PC. Registration is free and no subscription is required, and it is totally safe and legal. A free film is available to watch upon completion of a very brief 30 second registration process.

Viewers simply buy credits, and choose the movie to watch from the large selection available, and start watching instantly. A readily accessible account enables each viewer to see what movies he/she has watched and how many credits are left at any point in time. The credits do not expire, and you can sign into their account at any time, from anywhere, on any computer.

The channel is refreshed weekly with a mix of the best new and recent Nollywood releases and classics, and the finest movies from other African motion picture houses. All content are in English, or sub-titled in English.

AMC continues to sign content agreements with various partners, and is also involved in movie distribution arrangements with top African movie rights-owners and film production houses.