Sierra Leone: local 'Waking the Dead' movie to Be Premiered March 21


Executive director of the movie, 'Waking the Dead' Tuesday said the film is a true life encounter narrating the ordeal of a media practitioner in the country. The film will be premiered on March 21 at the Miatta conference hall in Freetown.

Sulaiman Stephens told Mid Week Entertainment that the objective of the movie is to ask questions about the true cause of the death of a journalist. He said the movie is centered on a journalist who was a victim of intimidation and violence.

"The film is telling the story of a fictitious writer Jenner Cole, a corporate executive who doubles as a leisure writer/novelist who attempts to investigate the story of Sorie Sawaneh (the dead journalist)," he said.

Stephens said Cole's interest in the story arose from the seeming natural death the matter suffered during the judicial process and wanted to publish his version based on independent research.

Concord Times Freetown