Uganda: Tanzanian Star to Make Movie in Country


For the past few years, the Ugandan film industry has attracted a couple of foreign directors and producers. Some have come from Nigeria and others from Hollywood. The latest actor with a keen interest in Uganda's film industry is Tanzania's Abedi Zakwani. This actor, director, screenwriter and producer is set to make his next movie from here.

"The film interest in Uganda is not great probably because of lack of knowledgeable promoters and a weak copyright law," he says. He has a film company called Zingzong (French for togetherness or solidarity). In Kampala the 14 member group is based in Kabalagala.

"The movie they are currently working on is entitled Money is Not Everything. The notion is that there are people with money but are unhappy while there are those with little money who are contented."

The story revolves around two boys, one from a rich family and the other from a poor family. Zakwani says the shooting of this movie has already begun and is expected to end on March 5. The film involves different film groups in Kampala with different members of different nationalities.

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