Investment In Brief:


- In line with the existing strong relations between Eritrea and Egypt and the understanding reached between the information ministries of both countries, an advanced training dealing with satellite works was given in Asmara to ERI-TV technicians. The training provided by an Egyptian expert of satellite transmission, Eng. Abdulaziz Fewuzi, was focused on satellite communications and information system, as well as sound and distribution of live transmission system. Commending the dedication and competence of the technicians who took part in the training, Eng. Abdulaziz stated that the Eritrean media infrastructure is quite sophisticated in all standards, especially the introduced advanced technology and digitalized system.

- In order to enhance educational broadcast in the country, the Japanese government will tomorrow hand over a 200KW Medium Wave Transmitter to the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (FRCN) in Kaduna.

- Satellite operator SES Astra has a 20% shareholding in South Africa’s new pay TV operator ODM (which will launch in September) but Viasat got out because under South African law it was not able to take a larger shareholder.

- Benin’s Imanle Africa TV is seeking a licence to operate a Pay-TV service.