Regulation & Policy In Brief:

Regulation & Policy

- A minister in Somalia's new 'unity government' has declared war against the Horn of Africa country's free press, Radio Garowe reports. Abdirahman Ibbi, the new Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources, told reporters that the Somali government will fight against the independent press "similar to the war against the warlords." Minister Ibbi accused Somali journalists of "misreporting political developments" and "exaggerating the government's mistakes.” Yusuf Ali "Farey," a Somali journalist rights leader in Mogadishu, angrily responded to Minister Ibbi's comments, saying: "The media is not hiding anyone's mistakes, because the media is neutral."

- The controversial Broadcasting Amendment Bill, which South African President Kgalema Motlanthe had sent back to Parliament unsigned, was adopted by the National Assembly after the necessary changes were made to bring it in line with the constitution.