Uganda: Internet Hotspots Launched

Technology & Convergence

Ugandans have been blasted for not being in sync with the "information society." If it was because of a lack of opportunity to match along with the rest of the world, then that is set to be corrected.

Uganda telecom (Utl) recently launched a new hotspots service at Kyoto Restaurant. There have been hotspots for a time now but Utl is now making it easier to surf the internet at its hotspots.

"The payment mode will be executed on an sms based platform," explained Charlotte Kemigyisha, acting marketing manager. The system eliminates the on-site attendants, scratch cards and IT specialists. The hotspots are located at hotels, restaurants and cafes. At all locations will have a sign post indicating that it is a Utl hotspot.

A number of journalists were on hand to try out the service at Kyoto Restaurant last week. With every thing put on a silver platter, it is time Ugandans enjoyed the luxury of having a snack, coffee or soft drink while at the same time, be able to surf the Internet.

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