Distribution In Brief


- BT Global Services recently extended its Global Media Network (GMN) to South Africa. The country is now connected via undersea cable and fixed line networks to 16 production centres and media hubs, including Los Angeles, New York, London, Tokyo, Mumbai and Hong Kong, which account for 85% of the world's film and TV production. The GMN extends to more than 70 locations in 10 countries.

- Bollywood has cemented a relationship with South Africa as Indian film corporate Percept Picture Company recently signed a joint venture with Cape Town-based production company Clockwork Zoo to produce a slate of films here. The venture was recently decided upon while PPC were in Cape Town The partnership includes a series of five films to be shot next year. They are also in negotiation to open Media City, which will house broadcast, animation and feature facilities, studios and offices for Clockwork Zoo.

- Low cost airline Mango will launch its in-flight entertainment system, Mango TV, on 1 December 2008, it announced yesterday, Sunday 9 November. Operated by Six Degrees Media, the in-flight system, viewed via bulkhead mounted LCD monitors on all flights, will feature selected programming and commercial elements. Mango TV will be free of charge and costs will be subsidised through advertising revenues. Programming will range from destination-based information through to fashion, comedy, edutainment and sport, says Kaiser. The in-flight entertainment system, apart from entertaining passengers, is underpinned by a revenue model which, in turn, is designed according to the airline to help to keep Mango's fares consistently the lowest in the market.